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Gary Brooks. MCICM

Gary Brooks is a senior international Credit and Working Capital professional with a rich experience of building and managing high-performance insourced and outsourced international Credit teams, using latest technologies and best industry practice.


Gary is fluent in French and German and has been a credit manager for more than twenty years, managing large international teams in many sectors.


He is recognised as a key player in the trade credit world and is: MCICM Chartered Institute of Credit Management

and a member of the Association of International Credit Directors and Professionals


Gary trades as Shorepark Consultancy and has recently added GDPR knowledge and capability (GDPR EU Practitioner level) to its portfolio of services. He is ready to support companies in understanding the regulations and working towards compliance prior to their enforcement from May 2108.

Gary can also offer customised solutions to companies with specific credit management and working capital challenges. This is whether it is to resolve a specific issue impacting cash flow; or to put in place structures and frameworks that improve profitability and compliance; or support growth and efficiency initiatives.


These portfolios of services include, but are not restricted to:

  • Reviewing current AR and AP processes and performance and recommending improvement measures;
  • Resolving specific short-term credit and collections issues;
  • Advising on team restructuring proposals;
  • Developing and implementing policies and processes, KPIs and SLAs;
  • Supporting clients in implementing outsourced services;
  • Advising on credit automation / robotics software, including requirements identification, negotiation, design
  • and implementation;
  • Advising on trade credit insurance, including requirements identification, negotiation, implementation and
  • management;
  • Identifying and implementing cost-effective credit information/report solutions;
  • Optimising credit risk and collections processes;
  • Providing training and mentoring on all aspects of credit and collections;
  • GDPR readiness reviews and compliance projects;
  • GDPR workshops;
  • GDPR training.

To engage with Gary. Contact the Expert Knowledge Hub at Forums International.