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Upcoming Meeting Agenda Highlights

Pharmacy funding Cuts

What has been the impact of the Government funding cuts to Pharmacies so far?


How safe are our medicines?

The Medicines and healthcare Products Regulatory Agency regulates all licensed medicines.  They cover the end to end life of a medicines from research, manufacture, distribution and supply and also ongoing monitoring once medicines are with patients.  There are many obvious challenges to the safety of medicines such as problems in manufacturing or side effects which come to light after some time, but increasingly there are also many more ‘hidden’ and alarmingly criminal activities in this arena which could and do challenge the safety of our medicines.  We will look at the role of the MHRA and the legal controls in general and how we work together as an industry to keep our medicines safe.”

Nia Evans, Group Responsible Person & Head of Quality and Regulatory

Celesio UK

Chemist Sector – News Update

What has been in the news since we last met

Receivables Finance for Pharmacy Businesses

The presentation will run through the financing of pharmacy receivables,

the uses of such a facility for pharmacy businesses and the considerations for suppliers.

Seb Miles, Sales Director, Woodsford Tradebridge Ltd


PEPPOL is designed to help you understand why e-Procurement and e-Invoicing are so important to the NHS, where PEPPOL fits in the bigger picture and why GS1 standards are so important to the success of the strategy.

PEPPOL enables government organisations and private companies to exchange electronic trading documents over an interoperable, European-wide network. In simple terms it offers a standardised network connection for electronic ordering, invoicing and shipping.

Best Practice Workshop

Order to Cash Mapping


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What our members say

For more information email pmf@forumsinternational.co.uk

Meeting Format

Meeting Format

The meetings are of one day duration

  • Start time 10.00 for 10.30
  • Finish time approximately 15.00/15.30
  • Refreshments & lunch are provided.
  • There is an optional networking group dinner the night before the meeting


The UK meetings are currently being held at The Stratford Manor hotel, Stratford upon Avon

Challenging and instructive agendas

The Forum members have significant input into meeting agendas, to ensure that sessions are relevant and cover key areas of common interest.

Interactive delivery

Sessions are delivered through workshops and discussions rather than lecture-style presentations.

We source and invite knowledgeable subject experts to ensure that content is of the highest standard.

The meetings are NOT all presentations.

  • There are workshops and discussions on topics suggested by the members
  • The format is 50:50

50% Subject Matter Experts
50% Sharing of members experiences

Our mission is that every attendee takes at least one new thing away from every meeting


Membership Information

Membership is open to finance & credit professionals from sector Manufacturers and Wholesalers and genuine prospective members.

Prospective members are invited to attend their first meeting free of charge and without obligation, to assess the benefits of membership for themselves.
The annual membership is £660.00
The above subscriptions are subject to VAT where the billing address is in the UK
Members are responsible for their own hotel, accommodation and travel costs. Administrative assistance with travel arrangements and hotel bookings is available.
A maximum of two members from each company can attend the meetings

Membership is not just about meetings
We encourage members to draw on the network of peers provided by the Forum between meetings.
There is an established electronic communications channel for members to ask questions and stay in touch with each other.

All members’ contact details are available on the restricted-access area of the forum website, from where copies of all meeting presentations and workshop outputs can also be downloaded.


Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices Credit Forum (PMF)


  • Deliver a Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Credit Forum for Credit Professionals
  • The members are from Wholesalers and Manufacturers
  • The scope of the forum is to cover the sectors in the UK and the markets on a global basis
  • A forum is managed by Forums International Ltd and supported by Experian and Moreton Smith who aim to deliver a high level of benefit and a positive member experience


  • To exchange experiences and views on issues of common interest
  • To share practical ideas that members can implement in their own organisations
  • To develop & promote best practice in the credit & risk management community
  • To improve knowledge and skills and keep up to date with industry developments
  • To connect credit leaders and practitioners with each other and with industry experts.