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The forums act as a Credit Management Support conduit across many business sectors. Credit & Finance Professional’s meet on a regular basis to discuss the challenges and opportunities within their industries. Our team has over twenty years of experience of developing forums and currently have ten which we are expanding in the near future. We have established an enviable reputation throughout the Credit Profession and the industry sectors we cover.

The forums are communities (not just occasional meetings) where the members develop networks together and offer Credit Management Support with an ongoing exchange of information and experiences. In order to achieve maximum benefit, all members accept and acknowledge that full participation is required in order to further the aims and objectives of the Forum. Furthermore, by attending a meeting they expressly acknowledge this requirement and in particular will abide by the protocols, practices and best practice. Governing data exchange or any other information that comes into their possession as a result of their participation in the forums.

The objectives and benefits of the forums are:

  • To deliver a community for credit & finance professionals
  • Develop and enhance best and new practice
  • Share experiences and problems with a view to finding effective solutions
  • Enhance risk management within the member companies
  • Discuss industry and credit related matters and challenges
  • Members build personal networks with their peers
  • Improve skill levels
  • Share information in a secure environment
  • Provide members with a communication channel for Credit Management Support

Is there an annual membership fee?

Yes there is a membership fee and the fee is dependent on the forum. Please contact us and we can give you the fee structures.


Are there any other fees or charges?           

There are no other fees or charges. However travel and accommodation costs where applicable will be at your own expense.


What are the aims of the new credit forum?

We aim to ensure that all the members benefit from becoming a member and attending the forums. Each forum has a steering committee which, acts as a link to the members and ensures we keep updated on what they are looking to get from future meetings. This input is prioritised and then our job is to find expert presenters or develop workshops as appropriate.


What is the motivation of Forums International to run credit forums?                        

We run the forums in order to develop relationships with the members and their industries which increases our brand presence throughout Europe and the UK.


Where will the meetings be held?

Ideally, UK meetings will be no more than two hours travel time from any member’s location however should this prove difficult due to the geographic location then we will discuss moving locations from meeting to meeting.


How often would the meetings be held?

Mostly the meetings are held quarterly. There are also LinkedIn groups for specific forums which allow members to interact between the meetings.

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