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Our Credit Management Forums are specifically designed to create the maximum benefit for all our credit professionals that attend. That is in terms of how the forums are set up and scheduled on the actual day, as well as the after event support you receive. This is why we have a clear value proposition for all our Credit Management Forums.

We are committed to creating great value and service with all our Credit Management Forums. Our meetings are all pre-planned throughout the year with a very clear schedule and agenda that is very much member driven. This allows the forums to be very current, topical and responsive. We address business challenges, develop best business practice as well as the opportunity to network with your peers. You can also earn CICM CPD points at each forum.

This value continues beyond the meetings as well, with a website that has a secure members area. This allows members access to past presentations and workshops, as well as a full members directory and knowledge portal. Our members can also take advantage of our member enquiry system as well as access to Linkedin groups for each forum. Below is the full list of benefits in our value proposition.

  • Meetings (pre-planned and scheduled)
  • CICM CPD points can be earned at each forum
  • Experienced Chair/Facilitator
  • Value for Money
  • Agendas are member driven so they deliver topical items
  • Affordable Annual Subs (Cheaper than Training)
  • Web site with secure member’s area
    • Archive of past Presentations/Workshops
    • Member Directory
    • Knowledge Portal
    • Useful Information (from members/partners/sponsors/etc.)
    • Sponsor/Partner, Directory/Links
  • LinkedIn Groups for each forum
  • Member Enquiry system (share/exchange/ask)
  • Networking with peers
  • Benchmarking
  • Address Business Challenges
  • Develop New & Best Practice
  • Reliable/Responsive Management Team


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