Late Payments Become the Norm for British Businesses

Businesses in Britain have a higher proportion of overdue invoices compared to their counterparts across Western Europe, new research by trade credit insurer Atradius reveals. The annual Atradius Payment Practices Barometer for Western Europe found almost half of all British business invoices (48.7%) were overdue. This compares to an average across the region of 41.8%, [...]

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Summer is Over, But an Exciting Autumn is Upon Us

A time for important reflection, new ideas and significant new opportunities is upon us, says Laurie Beagle, MD of Forums International. CCRInteractive is not very far away on 11th October 2018. Having run Forums for over 20 years, we are always looking for something different, that delivers quality, innovation and the ability to share best [...]

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Credit & Holes in a Wall

By Andriy Sichka, originally published in Credit, Collections and Risk Magazine, What needs of business credit management satisfies? What does that mean serving a company in a best possible way? The benefits of professional credit management seem to be very obvious. Usually they go without saying. Yet, looking at annual reports of some multinational corporations I [...]

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Control or Commercial?

Sometimes a change of name can lead to a beneficial change of attitude for a business, says Laurie Beagle, Managing Director of Forums International. I am a great believer that words and titles can be interpreted differently by the reader. In the case of credit 'controller', this can have the connotation that the person is [...]

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