160 and counting

160 and counting The Credit Professionals Forum is our oldest forum having now arrived at its 28th year and 160th meeting Looking back there have been many changes since that first meeting in January 1991. But some things do stay the same. The Forum started out as a “Credit Circle” in old money for Computer [...]


What is best practice?

Top Tips At the Forums International forums there are regular discussion points that run through the fabric of all our forums and that is, ‘What is best practice’? The answer to that question is ever changing and constantly evolving. So that’s why it’s important to share the latest updates, tips and techniques with our members, [...]


Fraud – The Fastest Growing Industry

Fraud – The Fastest Growing Industry Fraud is very much the “fastest growing industry” and fraudsters always seem to be one step ahead. Our goal is to change that pattern through education and support. Read June's CCR article below. CCR June2019 Fraud June to July Forums 13/14 June** - International Telecoms Risk Forum - London [...]


Collector Loading

Collector Loading We asked our forum members: “Typically how many accounts do your collectors each handle?” We received some interesting feedback which I would like to share with you. Read the article here

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