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We have a clear value proposition for all our Credit Management Forums.

  • Designed to deliver the maximum benefit for all credit professionals that attend.
  • The forums are scheduled a year in advance.
  • The forums act as a Credit Management support conduit across business sectors.
  • Meet regularly to discuss the challenges and opportunities within their industries.
  • Our team has over twenty years of experience of delivering forums.
  • Currently, we have eight forums which we are expanding soon.

We have established an enviable reputation throughout the Credit Profession and the industry sectors we cover.

  • Our forums are communities not just occasional meetings
  • Members develop personal networks, offer support and exchange information and experiences.
  • To achieve maximum benefit, all members accept and acknowledge that full participation is required to further the aims and objectives of the forums.
  • Furthermore, by attending a meeting they expressly acknowledge this requirement and will abide by the protocols and practices. Governing data exchange or any other information that comes into their possession because of their participation in the forums.

The value continues beyond the meetings with a website

  • With a secure members area.
  • An archive of past presentations and workshops.
  •  A member’s communication system. InfoHUB
  • The Forums International Linkedin group.

Below is the full list of benefits in our value proposition.

  • Affordable Annual Subs (Cheaper than Training)
  • Agendas that are member driven so they deliver topical items
  • CICM CPD points can be earned at each forum
  • Develop New & Best Practices
  • Experienced Chair/Facilitator
  • Reliable/Responsive Management Team
  • Value for Money
  • Webinars
  • Weekly Virtual (drop-in) Coffee Break


Is there an annual membership fee?

Yes, there is a membership fee and the fees are dependent on the forum.  Please contact us and we can give you the fee structures.

Are there any other fees or costs?

Currently, we are running all our forums virtually so other costs such as travel and accommodation do not apply.

What are the aims of the credit forums?

We aim to ensure that all the members benefit from their membership and attending the forum meetings. Each forum has a steering committee which, acts as a link to the members and ensures we keep updated on what the members are looking to get from future meetings. This input is prioritised and then our job is to find expert presenters or develop workshops as appropriate.

What is the motivation of Forums International to run credit forums? We run the forums in order to develop relationships with the members and their industries which increases our brand presence throughout the UK, Europe and Globally.

Where will the meetings be held?

Currently, all the forum meetings are being held virtually.

 How often would the meetings be held?

All the meetings are held quarterly. There is Forums International LinkedIn group which allow members to interact between the meetings.

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