Preparing for Brexit? What are your Plans?

With the uncertainy of the Brexit deal still looming large, Forums International encourages businesses to plan as best they can.

We have been discussing Brexit at nearly every forum over the past three years and still, nobody has an answer to the actual impact on business, if it’s a Deal or No Deal. But as the deadline is getting closer are businesses preparing for Brexit, and making plans?

If so what are they considering?

What are the likely impacts on their businesses?

We know that some businesses who already trade with the EU are concerned about the future. Others who have not traded cross border before are investigating new markets. We think the one thing that is certain in the present climate, is the uncertainty. As the Jimmy Cliff song goes, there are definitely ‘more questions than answers’ when it comes to navigating your business through the rocky landscape of Brexit.

The credit industry is involved in a huge array of business sectors that import and export across Europe as well as worldwide, so uncertainty and nervousness are natural emotions as we simply wait to see what happens. We don’t think that anyone expected us to be in the situation we are in with regards to what deal we will be getting, at this late stage of proceedings. But this is the situation we are in.

At Forums International, we are trying to prepare our members for the future. As a collective membership, we can bring the very latest information, scenarios and updates surrounding Brexit that we can share with each other. There are always very healthy debates at the forum meetings and long may this continue.

We are also now extending this debate to our website, in the form of the soon to be launched, ‘Info Exchange’. This will allow all members to interact and share the latest thinking in between their meetings. This will ensure that the exchange of information provided is always current when preparing for Brexit.

So, let us have your views, join in the debate and please leave a comment below.


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