160 and counting

160 and counting

The Credit Professionals Forum is our oldest forum having now arrived at its 28th year and 160th meeting

Looking back there have been many changes since that first meeting in January 1991.

But some things do stay the same.

The Forum started out as a “Credit Circle” in old money for Computer Manufacturers of which there were many based in our Silicon Valley of Bracknell at a very small hotel The Fines Bayliwick which was like having a meeting in your front room. Also, if you liked garlic the BBQ lamb prepared by the owner/chef Victor was the best thing ever.

Time for a change. We were at the Fines for 23years before we moved across the road to what looks like a ski chalet, the Coppid Beech Hotel. Also, with agreement from the members we changed the name and the Credit Professionals Forum was borne.

The Forum continues to meet quarterly and the membership is now cross industry. Membership is open to all levels of practicing credit folk. The thing that has stayed the same is the way we operate and how the members interact with each other.

We believe the success of the forum is due to the way we have made sure it keeps pace with current business challenges. The members meet and share experiences, create new and best practices and most importantly, discuss how to succeed in the future.

Our Forums are learning experiences where the agenda items are decided in advance by the members. They are NOT lecture based but interactive workshops and discussions.

The sessions are on a 50:50 basis. 50% is led by a subject matter expert the other 50% is where the attendees can share their experiences. A very powerful formula.

At our July meeting we had what we believe to be one of the best everagendas and four excellent speakers

Tackling Fraud at Companies House

Richard Osborne, CEO of Business Data Group and Founder of Robust

Insolvency Update

Matthew Chadwick, Partner, Business Restructuring, BDO LLP

The Hachette Change Experience

Jon Swan, Head of Credit Services, Hachette         

Financial Analysis

Stephen Clapham, Founder of Behindthebalancesheet.com

We understand that in a world where everybody is “time poor” taking time out of the office can be seen as a luxury. However, you need to be kept informed and our mission is that you take something new away from each meeting. Our two longest serving members have provided us with their feedback which I would like to share.

Jon Swan, Head of Credit Services Hachette

“I’d say the benefits are as follows. Knowledge: The forums give opportunities to hear about changes in technology, laws, training opportunities, latest trends, economic updates. Networking: The workshops, interactivity, building strong relationships with other members, listening to other professionals and sharing experiences.Enjoyment: I can’t think of a forum meeting where I didn’t come away having enjoyed it. L&D for team members: The forums welcome other team members and finally the Free pens are of really good quality!!”

Norman Chung, Credit Manager, Sopra Steria

“The forum provides a unique learning environment which can help development of skills, provide latest news and updates within the profession, networking and interaction with likeminded people within the profession. This can help answer questions, look at different techniques, provoke and provide solutions all within an informal environment that helps develop ideas only made possible by the getting together within the credit forum group. For the cost of an average training course, the time and effort expended, the credit forum provides a unique platform to build relationships, network and learn with other credit professionals and companies, keep up to date, build confidence and so it can be a win-win situation.

Thanks to all our members and partners for their support.

The Forums are subscription based but attending your first meeting is free as we would like you to meet the members and gauge for yourself the benefits before making any commitment to join.

Next meeting: 8th October – To come along email cpf@forumsinternational.co.uk


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