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SAP User Group Forum

The SAP User Group Forum was developed in 1998 as an independent, cross-industry user group to support users working in credit and finance. The focus is to maximise members’ use and understanding of the SAP system and its modules.

The objectives of the SAP User Group are to:

  • Provide a ‘self-help’ members network to enhance their knowledge and skills;
  • Share experiences and problems with the aim of finding effective solutions;
  • Assist members to improve the efficiency of their SAP use; and
  • Make members aware of the add-ons and services available from third-party suppliers.

How the SAP User Group operates


There are 4 SAP User Group meetings a year.

Meetings start at 10.00 and run through to 14.30, breaks, refreshments & lunch are provided.

Meetings are held at various venues in the UK. We aim to hold meetings at members’ premises where possible as this provides the best access to a live SAP system.

Challenging & instructive agendas

The SAP User Group members provide significant input into meeting agendas, to ensure that sessions are relevant and cover key areas of common interest.

Interactive delivery

Most sessions are workshop-based, or large and small group discussions.

We also source and invite subject matter experts to attend to present on specific subjects of interest.

The SAP User Group Forum is operated by Forums International Ltd, a leading provider of credit and industry forums and focus groups. Our Forums Team has over 20 years’ experience of delivering forums and events and have established an enviable reputation throughout the credit profession.

Why are our Forums different?

They are learning experiences where the agenda items are dictated by the members. They are NOT lecture based but interactive workshop/discussion based. The sessions are on a 50:50 basis. 50% is led by a subject matter expert the other 50% is where the attendees can share their experiences.

Our forums provide opportunities for credit and finance professionals to meet and discuss key trading issues in their industry sectors. Also, to share experiences and challenges and most importantly, discuss innovation and how they have secured success.

What our members say?

“I am a member of a number of the forums which Laurie and Lynn run and I really enjoy the chance to get together with like minded individuals who all have similar challenges and situations which they have to deal with day to day. It is good to be able to benchmark yourself against a similar peer group and pick up good ideas to take back to the office. The forums are always a good mix of workshops and interactive participation alongside presenters who are always good and sometimes exceptional. I always come away with something new to think about or to try. It is well worth taking time out of a busy working week to participate.”

John Braganza, Director, Order To Cash, O2C GPO, Finance Services, GSK

What to expect

Recent agendas have included the following topics:

Plotting O2C Cycles

Plotting the Order 2 Cash cycle, then use this to drill down into the SAP processes and transactions and look at the associated challenges and solutions. This was an ongoing project over several meetings.

Automated Cash Allocation

A joint case study by a Group member and their supplier, looking at the process of choosing a software supplier, its features, how it worked in practice and the difficulties encountered.

Processes and Process Improvements

This is a regular feature of all meetings – an open discussion session for members to share specific challenges they have. Members are invited to submit details in advance to enable the rest of the Group to consider these.


Prospective members are invited to attend their first meeting free of charge and without obligation, to assess the benefits of membership for themselves.

Members are responsible for their own accommodation and travel costs where required.

If you join. Quote CCR1 to receive a 10% annual subscription discount

We also have LinkedIn and Facebook groups in place, membership of which is strictly limited to forum members and genuine prospective members.

Please email or ring +44 (0) 1246 555055 to join or for more information.


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