Are you the professional responsible for fraud prevention in your company?

Come and Join our “new” Fraud Prevention Network (FPN) forum

Our Forums are Designed and Delivered for Credit Professionals Worldwide

As our ongoing commitment to provide high quality forums to the credit industry, Forums International together with our partners, Graydon UK, DLA piper and the CICM

Are launching a brand new Forum for 2019. Following on from the highly succesful format that we use for all our existing forums, the Fraud Prevention Network forum

will be launched on the 16th May 2019 in London.

Who is the forum for?

  • Professionals of all levels who have the responsibility for fraud prevention in their company
  • Members from cross-industry businesses in the UK

The only exception is that suppliers aren’t allowed to attend unless they are pre-contracted Corporate Partners or speakers.

Our promise to you is: You will never be directly sold to when you attend a forum meeting.

The FPN will provide:

  • A quarterly meeting of workshops, discussions and presentations where members will meet with their counterparts from other industries as well as experts in the fields of fraud prevention and investigation.
  • Support the members with a working hour help desk and support line
  • Members access to the Forums International website where they will have access to the latest news and advice, a secure members area where we will host presentations and workshop results
  • Access to a secure members communication channel where they can exchange information with their counterparts
  • A global network of fraud prevention specialists and investigators

Members objectives:

  • Draw on each other’s’ knowledge and experiences.
  • Develop and enhance best and new anti-fraud practices
  • Improve their skill levels
  • Provide access to a network of like-minded professionals and relevant industry experts.

Attending the FPN for the first time is free.

We encourage you to come along and gauge the benefits for yourself before making a commitment to join.

For more information on the Fraud Prevention Network Forum visit our website here.

Why are our Forums different?

This is not an ad-hoc event with business development aims, but a genuine and lasting community of peers with common interests and goals.

Originally formed in early 2000s the Fraud Prevention Network has gone through many name changes and owners.

As of the 16th May 2019, the FPN is being re-launched with our Partners Graydon UK, DLA Piper and the CICM.

Fraud is very much the “fastest growing industry” and fraudsters always seem to be one step ahead. Our aim is to change that pattern through education and support.

The forum is aimed at the B2B community with the primarily aim to assist its members in the prevention and/or reduction in their losses caused by criminal activity.

The forum will provide the members with practical tools and solutions they need to meet the challenges of the current business environment.

The FPN will be the “Go-To Place” when members need help.



Prospective members are invited to attend their first meeting free of charge and without obligation, to assess the benefits of membership for themselves.

Meetings are eligible for the CICM’s CPD and attracts 5 points/hours

Members are responsible for their own accommodation and travel costs where required.

If you join. Quote CCR1 to receive a 10% annual subscription discount

We also have a LinkedIn group in place, membership of which is strictly limited to forum members and genuine prospective members.

Please email or ring +44 (0) 1246 555055 to receive an invite or for more information.



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