What do You Want… What do You Really Really Want?

We asked this question of our forums members

At Forums International, we are constantly looking to improve the quality and value of the Forums that we run. Therefore member feedback is a very important and crucial part of this process. We asked our members at our recent forums, “What do you really want from the Forums that we run?”.

The answers were very encouraging and echoed largely the key benefits that exist in the current forums format today.

Below is the key feedback that was given during the workshops.

Tell us, “What do You Want… What do You Really Really Want?”

  • Sharing of knowledge with other members
  • Communities, not just meetings
  • Discussions
  • Shared best practices
  • Honest feedback
  • Valuable take aways
  • Interactive sessions
  • To meet new people
  • Subject Matter Experts

Tell us what are the Forum key attributes?

  • Attract and grow
  • Participation
  • Engagement
  • Debates
  • Meaningful and interesting content
  • Tutorials and workshops
  • Members engaged
  • Members agree
  • Past experiences
  • Meaningful interaction
  • Good communication

Finally. What are the main qualities of the Forums that the members attend?

  • Experiences
  • Learning
  • Responsive
  • Open discussions
  • Honesty
  • Conversational
  • Peers
  • Diverse backgrounds
  • Good listeners
  • Members participation
  • Approachable
  • Receptive
  • Responsive

The above responses and feedback from our members are very encouraging. We are pleased that this is a true reflection of the experiences we want our existing and potential members to have when they attend a Forums International Forum.

Learning Experiences with a difference

Our forums are learning experiences where the agenda items are dictated by the members. They are NOT lecturing but interactive workshops and discussions. The sessions are on a 50:50 basis. 50% is led by a subject matter expert the other 50% is where the attendees can share their experiences.

Our mission at Forums International is to maintain communities that don’t just meet 3 or 4 times a year but who interact and support each other 24/7. Plus, via our web-site, social media posts and our corporate partners we can keep you informed and up to date. If you have never been to a forum meeting please make it your new years resolution to come and have a look. Its free for the first time.

New for this year, we are offering “Virtual” access to selective forums. When you can’t get away from the office virtual attendance gives you the option to take part in the form from your desk.

Please ask for details.

We look forward to meeting you in 2019.

March & April Forums

13 March – Credit Card One-day Forum – London
21 March** – Business & Office Supplies Credit Forum – London
9 April – Credit Professionals Forum – Bracknell
10 April – SAP User Group – London
11 April – IT Distributors & Resellers Credit Forum – Stratford upon Avon
14 May** – Export Credit Forum – London
14 May ** – ICT Credit Forum – London
** = Virtual Access Available

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