Sharing is one of the key corner stones of success

Our forums are learning experiences where the agenda items are dictated by the members. They are NOT lecturing but interactive workshops and discussions.

The sessions are on a 50:50 basis. 50% is led by a subject matter expert the other 50% is where the attendees can share their experiences.

Recently, on LinkedIn we asked the question: What one piece of advice would you give someone who is just starting out in the big world of credit?

The response was amazing. Nearly 7000 views and a lot of very valuable comments.

I have summarised those comments as follows:

“No day is like the last and it won’t be the same as tomorrow. Credit is an ever changing, vibrant and challenging part of business. In my experience it throws unexpected challenges at you. To be successful be a big contributor to the business. One last thing do not build a silo mentality and never see sales as some sort of enemy.”

Treat staff and customers with respect. Be honest and fair and allow people to follow a good leader. It’s a great profession. Look listen and learn.

Keep your eyes and ears open and learn from your peers, from sales, and from continuing education.

Understand the business you work in, end to end. You can’t just see your part of it.

Here are a handful of ideas: Always keep your commitments, focus on doing more than is required and expected. Admit your mistakes and learn from them and from the mistakes made by others. Invest in your own continuing professional education. Look for reasons to say YES rather than excuses to say No.

Embrace the unique opportunity that Credit offers you i.e., the scope to gain/hone your leadership, coaching, risk, sales, customer service, analytical and change skills all in one role. It’s not a static role but an evolving one which could bring the opportunity for a highly influential seat at the table. I love it!

Position yourself equally to help grow the business and safeguard against loss.

Network and never stop learning! Change jobs to build your experience of all aspects of Credit Management. This is a great profession.

Find a good mentor and take your time, don’t rush ahead to advance your career, that takes time; get out and about at meetings and network, gather business cards and contacts and use your network… We all love helping others so just ask!

And finally, learn to trust your gut instinct. If something doesn’t sit right, then look for reasons to support that initial feeling.

Thanks to everybody who contributed. Sorry if I didn’t mention them all but they will not be forgotten. We will use them in future articles and at forum workshops.

In summary. Credit Management is a fantastic profession wherever you are. It’s not just Credit & Collections but a myriad of other positions that make up the whole picture.

Our mission at Forums International is to maintain communities that don’t just meet 3 or 4 times a year but who interact and support each other 24/7. Plus, via our web-site, social media posts and our corporate partners we can keep you informed and up to date. If you have never been to a forum meeting please make it your new years resolution to come and have a look. Its free for the first time. Plus, we are offering “Virtual” access to selective forums. We look forward to meeting you in 2019.

March & April Forums

7/8 March** – International Telecoms Risk Forum – Orange, Paris

13 March – Credit Card One-day Forum – London

21 March – Business & Office Supplies Credit Forum – London

9 April – Credit Professionals Forum – Bracknell

10 April – SAP User Group – London

11 April – IT Distributors & Resellers Credit Forum – Stratford upon Avon

14 May – Export Credit Forum – London

14 May ** – ICT Credit Forum – London

** = Virtual Access Available

Laurie Beagle FCICM

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