Forums International Offer Virtual Access Across Selected Forums in 2019


We understand that due to travel restrictions especially where you are not based in the same country or are a long way from the forum meeting venue it is not always possible to attend. While we would every time want you see you in person so we can build that relationship we are realists and as such we are proposing the following for selective forums;

As from 2019 we will be offering virtual access to selective members and attendees.

The forums this will apply to initially are:

The ICT Credit Forum (ICF)

The International Telecoms Risk Forum (ITRF)

The Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices Credit Forum (PMF)

The Business & Office Supplies Credit Forum (BSF)

Virtual Access will work like a webinar. You will be able to hear the speaker and see the slides. However we will also be able to hear you so you can take part in the discussions/workshops.

If you have always wanted to attend a forum but have been unable to due to local reasons then we hope you will join us virtually. As usual attending your first meeting is free as we want you to take part and gauge the benefits for yourself.

We look forward to meeting you either in person or virtually in 2019.

Laurie Beagle FCICM

Managing Director

Forums International Ltd

Vice President of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management and Member of the Advisory Council.

T:  +44 (0)1246 555055

M: +44 (0)7712 486798




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