PRESS RELEASE – Amazon Forum

PRESS RELEASE – Amazon forum – 24th July 2018

We held our first company specific credit forum this week. The subject was Amazon.

The idea came from several our forum members, but I must thank Graham Woodward from Clarks who helped a lot with the format. Another “thank you” must go to Arthur J Gallagher for hosting the meeting in their London offices. We had over 30 attendees and could have had more.

The objective of the meeting was to share ideas and experiences with a view to finding the best processes and solutions. The forum format was an open, interactive, protected discussion, that didn’t discuss terms, pricing etc, but focused on the working relationship challenges and processes the attendees currently face with Amazon.

We had 4 workshops after which the discussion output was shared and documented.

  1. What are the most common queries / debit notes / problems you encounter?
  2. Vendor portal – how is this used and what tricks, if any, do you know about how to utilise the system?
  3. With these most common issues, outline how you manage these internally and externally with Amazon?
  4. What should be done differently internally in your own business or the way in which you trade with Amazon

We then had an open discussion on what is the best suggested way to resolve these issues with Amazon? Followed by next steps etc. The feedback, ideas and strategies will all be consolidated and shared with the attendees. The feedback we received on the day was that the meeting was very worthwhile, and we should consider a follow up meeting in 6 months or so.

Many thanks to everybody who attended and for their valuable contributions.

Laurie Beagle FCICM

Managing Director

Forums International Ltd

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