Vanity Fair by Philip King FCICM

Vanity Fair by Philip King FCICM

In my blog last week, I wrote about the importance of ‘owning the process’ in our own professional development. In just the same way, we also need to own the development of our own status. I sometimes get invitations to connect on LinkedIn from people who seem to have spent their lives collecting professional letters after their names.

They ask how they can qualify for CICM membership to add our professional letters to the multitude of letters they already have. Most of them have little experience of credit management and I point out that they would have to travel a lengthy journey to meet the criteria by which they are awarded. Is it just vanity or is there a competition that I’m unaware of for the widest business card ever?

Conversely, I know some credit professionals who, without doubt, meet the criteria to be awarded the right to use CICM professional letters but haven’t applied to do so. Others use letters that don’t do their experience and status justice. People who are Affiliates or Associates and should be Fellows.

CICM professional letters aren’t an expression of vanity, they’re a means of exemplifying the expertise and experience as a professional and we should be proud of having been awarded them. That’s why I’m pleased that we’ve refined and clarified the criteria for all grades, and that applications to join or upgrade at every level can now be made online. Don’t devalue your status; have a look here:  You know you should and, if you already have, I’m sure you know someone you should be nudging in the right direction.

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