Why I’m a Forums Member by Ian Strangward

Why I’m a Forums Member by Ian Strangward

I have been a forums member and more specifically a member of the Senior Management Forum (SMF) since it began in 2006.

I’ve been a credit manager for over 20 years, and in that time I have been a member of various credit circles and forums.

The SMF offers something most of the other circles and forums I have previously attended – or still attend – don’t.

That is: a non-industry sector focused agenda.

Forums which focus on specific industry sectors are incredibly useful in their own right – I attend one which is an important tool for me to grow/maintain my knowledge of that sector and use that knowledge to help my business take the right credit decisions both in terms of direct customer accounts and in a wider strategic way.

Having a forum which looks at the credit profession from a wider-angled lens is – I believe – really important for me as an individual who strives to be the best I can be at what I do, and also important for the company I work for, as they benefit from that expertise and skillset.

Today’s credit manager not only has to think of what’s going on in their industry sector, they need to stay abreast of developments in (amongst others) best practice credit management, systems, law changes, people skills/management and motivational leadership – not to mention take the opportunity to network with other senior credit managers/directors and play an active part in discussions about their professional body, the CICM.

The annual membership cost is a fraction of what you would pay for three one-day courses of this calibre, although there’s little chance a one-day course is ever going to cover such a wide-range of topics in one day and have access to so many experts in their field in one place at the same time!

I highly recommend the Senior Management Forum to anyone seeking to just grow in their role or for the more ambitious (younger?!) individual striving to open up the next career move.

Ian Strangward

Customer Finance Manager

Karndean Design Flooring

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