CoCredo to Launch the First Dual Report Within the Credit Industry


Embargoed until 14th May 2018

CoCredo to launch the first Dual Report within the credit industry

Today CoCredo are launching their new Dual Report, which has been over a year in the making and is a brand-new concept to the credit industry. Prior to their public launch on Monday 14th May, the product was trialled by valued customers who were given the opportunity to offer their feedback in time for any changes to be made before the product went live.

The new DUAL Reporting Service promises to make the lives of customers (including those who currently use multiple providers) considerably easier. The first of its kind, this service is looking to take the credit industry by storm.

To enable CoCredo to offer this premium service they have added an additional leading data supplier to their portfolio. This means that customers will now be able to view the best data from both suppliers alongside each other in one report, gaining a more detailed overview of a company and combining the ‘best bits’ of both. The reports will have the same look and feel as their current reports but customers will now be able to view two providers’ opinions and perspectives.

Commenting on this Dan Hancocks, Managing Director at CoCredo said; “From our research we have found that a growing number of people use multiple reports when credit checking companies to gain a wider understanding of a business and to give them more peace of mind. However, it can become very costly and time-consuming logging into different systems and comparing credit reports that are in different formats. Our new DUAL Report aims to take away this stress and expense and will save our customers time by only needing to look at one report. They will also have the benefit of having our Customer Services Team on hand to discuss queries on both sets of data in one phone call rather than having to make two phone calls.”

The benefits of the new DUAL Reporting system are:

  • New service which is not available anywhere else – unique to the industry
  • Helps customers to make a more informed decision by gaining further insight and an additional Credit Limit, Risk Score and set of report data
  • Eliminates the need to use two separate suppliers and have two separate contracts in order to gain multiple opinions
  • Additional report data available to view, for example Payment Data. This will be provided by both data suppliers so you’ll see two varying sets of payment data, giving you greater insight
  • No need to log in and search a company on two separate systems; saving time and effort
  • Data will be displayed alongside each other in the usual CoCredo consistent layout, making it easy to understand
  • Customer services team on hand to discuss any queries. You’ll be able to get answers to queries on both sets of data in one phone call.

If you would like to be one of the first companies to try out the DUAL Report, please contact their Customer Service team on 01494 790600 and they can set up a Trial for you with 2 FREE DUAL Reports on a registered company within the UK.

For more information or an interview with Dan Hancocks, please contact Jane Bray, Marketing Manager on 01494 790600 or email We can also provide a trial report and run through this with you if this is of interest.

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