An Outside View on the Recent SAP Forum

An Outside View on the Recent SAP Forum

I recently attended a SAP forum as I work for Creationz Marketing and we do all the marketing for Forums International. I have recently started with the company and felt attending one of the forums would benefit me to understand the wording and structure used within the forum environment.

The venue was a great choice. The building was Riverleen House which is one of the Experian buildings on Electric Avenue in Nottingham. I used the Nottingham tram network which was a 10-minute walk from the nearest tram stop. The venue was easy to find and for those who drove had designated parking spots which were marked clearly within the car park. The building was immaculate, we had to sign in at the front desk and wait to be shown up to the room which was on the top floor. There is a lift if disabled access was required and I believe it was 3 flights of stairs up to the top floor. The meeting room was to a great standard and had all the technology that was required for all involved.

Everyone In the room was really welcoming with Laurie and Lynn being the first at the door to say hello and start a conversation which was great when you didn’t really know anyone. I took a seat at the back to be out of the way, so I can watch and observe everyone’s conversations, to see how friendly and welcoming everyone was. Everyone welcomed each other into room and this created a great atmosphere within the space. Tea and coffee was being served to all and there was even a great selection of homemade pastries for everyone to tuck in to.

Once everyone had arrived it was time for Laurie to open the forum with a welcome and updates about Forums international. Laurie, as many will know likes to crack his jokes which, I could tell everyone found rather amusing. Once Laurie had given the information he wanted everyone to hear, then came the table introductions. Starting at one end of the table, everyone went around saying who they are and where they are from. There were a lot of different professionals within the room.

After the introductions we moved onto the speaker which was Paresh Mistry. Paresh is the Managing Director of Rolabotic Ltd. He was talking about Robotic Process Automation or RPA for short. It was his independent view into RPA and he was trying to give examples to show the professionals how to validate whether or not it will be of value to their organisations. I really didn’t know how I would follow this to begin with as for someone who didn’t really know what SAP meant, I really felt like I could get really confused but he came over in such a way that made it sound straight forward and by the end of his talk I understood more about what SAP was as well as RPA as he tried to link the two together. It was a really interesting talk and I actually really enjoyed it. The questions, that were coming from the professional told me that they enjoyed it too and found what he was saying really related to their individual companies. We had a quick break after Paresh finished talking allow us to fill up or coffee cups and grab another pastry as I could see everyone eyeing them up since they were placed on the trolley.

The next part was the part that I think the forums are all about and that is question and answer time. Laurie opened up by giving a brief outline to the discussions and then left it up to the professionals to discuss between everyone on the table. When a question I got the impression straight away that there was a lot who knew a lot about SAP and others that were there to get a lot of questions answered and even the top professional had questions about certain things so just goes to show that no matter how good you are that there is always questions to that need answering. Questions get asked one at a time and everyone tries to answer the question by giving their own advice which gives you a number of ways to solve the issue. I could tell that a lot of information would have been taken away and I think I was just about an SAP expert after this session, or maybe not but I did learn a lot.

Next up was lunch and OMG what a spread! I think I would pay the annual fee just to have a lunch like that at every forum as it was super. They even cater for Vegans and allergies, but they do request you notify them before the day to ensure they take every precaution. You could still hear the conversations happening over lunch, but it was great to hear the general chat and laughter amongst everyone. I think it’s a great place to meet new friends within your industry which could benefit your business in so many ways.

The last half of the day was more questions and answers and there really was so many questions. Towards the end of the forum, Laurie made a few further points about the website and if you didn’t get all your questions answered then you were to email him, so he can send the questions round to the professionals and get you the answers you need. He then then said his last few bits and closed the forum.

On a whole I feel the forum experience was really good. I would say that the delegates would say the same from the day. If you have read this article and made you think about going along to a forum then I urge you to try one. Contact Laurie and Lynn and go along to one for FREE to enjoy what the professionals have to say about your questions.

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