Personal Mentoring that brings Results

You can receive Personal Mentoring which has helped our Members gain Career Promotion

Our Forums offer exceptional opportunities for our members to learn from one another and to develop personally and professionally.

Our Forums have always been held in high esteem within the industry sector. The value that our members receive from our Forums in now being widely recognised at the highest level. A lot of companies are now seeing the forums as a high value knowledge pool, essentially adding more value at less cost than a lot of training courses.

Some of our members have achieved career promotion as a direct result of the personal mentoring they received by attending our Forums.

With some of our members the Forums are now held in such high regard that a permanent part of their corporate objectives and personal development plan is to develop and learn from the Forums, with a view to improving processes and results. Here’s the view of one of our members.

“Everyone is willing to learn from each other. I consider it a huge part of my own development and I actually can’t put a price on what I have learned and the confidence I have gained from the forum’s members.”

As well as providing personal mentoring to help with career paths, Forums International also run Forums that:

Increase and enhance your personal skills levels

Provide support and training in motivating your team

Help reduce bad debt

Help you to improve your time management and productivity

You can download our free guide here that will show you the value and benefits that our range of Forums can give to you and your company.

You can also find a full list of the Forums we run, with dates and times on our website

Alternatively you can give us a ring on 01246 555055 to join the Forums family.

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