Helps you to Improve Time Management and Productivity

Our Forums Help you to Improve Time Management and Productivity

As part of our Credit Forums we run sessions with a clear focus on saving you and your company time and money.

The time management and productivity sessions that we run at all of our Forums have a real-time impact for all our members and their companies. When put into practice, the impact and benefit of the sessions can be measured in time saving improvements. On average, we can improve time management and productivity by generally saving or creating 3.25 days per month. This was the key benefit back to the companies who attended our Forums. That means over 16% productivity improvement.

This was achieved by performing a number of practical day to day activities. Creating TO DO lists, creating TODAY lists, with a clear intention of including things like, Interruption time, Reflection time, Planning time and Break time. All these elements don’t really get planned for, so create more frustration
and unplanned for time leeching.

This is what one of our Forum members had to say,

“Thank you for an excellent meeting. I particularly enjoyed the time management presentation and look forward to putting the suggestions into practice”

As well as valuable information, tips and techniques on how to improve time management and productivity, Forums International also run Forums that:

Increase and enhance your personal skills levels

Provide support and training in motivating your team

Help reduce bad debt

Provide personal mentoring to help with career paths

You can download our free guide here that will show you the value and benefits that our range of Forums can give to you and your company.

You can also find a full list of the Forums we run, with dates and times on our website

Alternatively you can give us a ring on 01246 555055 to join the Forums family.


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