Our Forums help Reduce Bad Debt

How to reduce bad debt

The biggest risk to the success of any company is bad debt. It doesn’t matter what size your company is, the ability to reduce bad debt is paramount for healthy cash flow. This is especially important if you are working in an industry where the margins are tight. In this scenario, prompt payment is key, and bad debt can be crippling.

Our Forums are proven to help reduce bad debt

Many of our Forums members keep their debt risk very low thanks to the information that gets shared at our meetings. Our International Telecoms Risk Forums brings together companies from across the globe to share information and experiences that they’ve had in relation to supplier and carrier chains. The information that gets shared helps our members maintain a low level of bad debt.

Hands-on knowledge and experiences of companies that have a history of bad debt is shared among the members. Information like this can ensure that our members make the right choices when it comes to selecting International partners and reducing bad debt.

Hear the value and benefit that our International Telecoms Risk Forum has brought to one of our members.

As well as valuable information, tips and techniques on how to reduce bad debt, Forums International also run Forums that:

Increase and enhance your personal skills levels

Provide support and training in motivating your team

Help you improve your time management and productivity

Provide personal mentoring to help with career paths

You can download our free guide here that will show you the value and benefits that our range of Forums can give to you and your company.

You can also find a full list of the Forums we run, with dates and times on our website www.forumsinternational.co.uk

Alternatively you can give us a ring on 01246 555055 to join the Forums family.





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