International Credit Forum (ICF)


The International Credit Forum has been the leading peer group for credit professionals from International companies since 1998.

International trade in a changing business environment presents specific challenges to businesses. The ICF (International Credit Forum) equips members with the practical tools they need to meet those challenges. The focus is on providing an assured benefit to members – this is different to anything you have attended before.


  • To exchange experiences and views on issues of common interest
  • To share practical ideas that members can implement in their own organisations
  • To develop & promote best practice in global credit & risk management in the international community
  • To improve knowledge and skills and keep up to date with industry developments
  • To connect credit leaders and practitioners with each other and with industry experts.
It’s different because…

This is not an ad-hoc event with business development aims, but a genuine and lasting community of peers with common interests and goals.


Meeting Format

UK meetings are one day starting at 10.00

European meetings are over 2 days starting at 10.00 on day one with a group dinner in the evening. The second day starts at 9am and finishes at lunch time.

Refreshments & lunch are provided.


Meetings are currently being held at different venues across Europe

Challenging and instructive agendas

The Forum members have significant input into meeting agendas, to ensure that sessions are relevant and cover key areas of common interest.

Interactive delivery

Sessions are delivered through workshops and discussions rather than lecture-style presentations.

We source and invite knowledgeable subject experts in order to ensure that content is of the highest standard.

Sample Agenda items from the last 12 months

Trading in…

A regular feature, examining the business culture in a region or country and the challenges of trading there.


Barriers to e-billing adoption when trading internationally, including new EU Directives on VAT.

Hoops & Hurdles

Sharing information on the hidden legislation and business practices encountered when dealing with foreign government agencies.


Membership Criteria

Membership is open to senior finance & credit professionals from the IT Vendors, Distributors and Service Providers. Membership to attend the International Credit Forum is subject to acceptance of our membership terms & conditions.

A LinkedIn Group has been established, membership of which is strictly limited to forum members and genuine prospective members.


Prospective members are invited to attend their first meeting free of charge and without obligation, to assess the benefits of membership for themselves.

Membership covering the European and UK meetings.

Annual subscription £1250

The above subscriptions are subject to VAT where the billing address is in the UK

Members are responsible for their own hotel, accommodation and travel costs. Administrative assistance with travel arrangements and hotel bookings is available.

Membership is not just about meetings

We encourage members to draw on the network of peers provided by the International Credit Forum between meetings.

There is an established electronic communications channel for members to ask questions and stay in touch with each other.

All members’ contact details are available on the restricted-access area of the forum website, from where copies of all meeting presentations and workshop outputs can also be downloaded.

There is also a LinkedIn Group membership of which is strictly limited to forum members and genuine prospective members.

What Our Members Say

Through membership of the ICF, my team & I have gained a valuable insight into the core values and principles of our closest peers in the industry. We have shared our own experiences, and drawn from the knowledge of other members, to help guide our decision-making’

At the International Credit Forums, we have engaged in thought-provoking sessions, which delve into the pertinent issues facing any credit department. Some of the topics covered are highly relevant to an International organization. The ICF is not simply focused on classical credit & risk management, but burrows deeper into issues on collections principles, invoicing, taxation & regulation, geographical trade risk, modelling tools, latest technological developments and industry best practice.

The industry by nature, is highly competitive, but that competition is left at the door. The ICF fosters a network where your company is almost irrelevant. One quickly comes to realize, that the atmosphere is open, collaborative, and facilitated by subject matter experts. This ensures engagement from all parties. Unquestionably, you leave every International Credit Forum meeting, having learned something which can be applied to your daily work.

The ICF is much more than just the meetings however. Through social media, the forum website, facilitated question sharing, advice centres with legal agencies and 3rd party receivable agencies, vendor demonstrations, and an exceptional support network, a new member will most certainly enhance their toolkit, for managing their own business’

Jamie Griffin| Sr. Manager, Int’l Credit & Collections | Global Business Services

Dell Technologies

My involvement with the ICF has given me the tools, knowledge and confidence to elevate my credit department from misunderstood back office obscurity to a front-end commercial function and a recognised and appreciated contributor to growth within the corporation. In my opinion, there is no better experience or real training available today for the hungry credit professional 

Colin Byrne MIICM, International Group Credit & Collections Manager, Micro Focus Software (Ireland) Ltd

 After joining the ECF/ICF 8 years ago, building an international network of peers in a wide range of companies active in our in our industry has proven most valuable. Especially in situations where one needs practical advice on handling (country)specific issues around credit or collections, it is helped me in finding right way forward.

Petr Van Hanegem, Credit Manager EMEA, Belkin BV

Who We Are

The ICF (International Credit Forum) is operated by Forums International Ltd, a leading provider of the International credit forum and focus groups. Our Forums Team has over 20 years experience of delivering forums and events and have established an enviable reputation throughout the credit profession. FI Ltd currently operate many forums across and within a variety of industries.

Director Laurie Beagle has played a significant role in building the credit community across Europe, and is regularly invited to contribute articles to industry publications, particularly on international matters. In April 2012 Laurie was recognised for his commitment to the credit industry with the CICM’s Meritorious Service Award. Laurie is a member of the Advisory Council and in 2016 was elected to the position of Chair of the Executive Board.

Director  Lynn Christon has been organising and co-ordinating industry & the International IT credit forum for the last 20 years. She has specialist skills in event organisation and delivery, communication and member relations.

It’s different because…

The Forum sponsors have been carefully selected for the knowledge they can bring to the members and are not permitted to use the meetings as sales opportunities.

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Forum Corporate Partners

Our clients hire us to provide advice on Best Practice and to suggest ways of doing things more effectively and efficiently. Our satisfaction derives from arming our client with the software, tools and support to improve contribution to business performance and the standing of the credit management function within the business.





Cedar Rose are known and trusted globally by top tier organisations as the business intelligence experts for the MENA region.

With over 20 years of experience researching, compiling and cleaning data on companies and people in the Arabic speaking countries, Cedar Rose now holds the largest, most accurate database of its kind. The company provides Company Registration Reports, Company Credit Reports, all levels of Due Diligence reports and instant Electronic Identity Verification of companies and individuals throughout the Middle East, North Africa and beyond.

Services are delivered via their website (, by API or email in various formats according to their clients’ requirements.



The Company Watch

Organisations around the world rely on Company Watch’s industry-leading financial analytics to drive their Credit and Procurement risk processes.

Quality and rigour run through everything we do, from our unique method of assessing corporate financial health via our H-Score®, to how we deliver our service to customers, supporting them to ensure they get the information they need in the way they want it.

With the H-Score® predicting almost 90% of corporate insolvencies in advance it is the risk management tool of choice, providing clarity and confidence in an uncertain world.


International IT credit forum 3





DLA Piper

DLA Piper is a global law firm with 4,200 lawyers located in more than 30 countries throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, positioning us to help companies with their legal needs anywhere in the world.






Experian is a global leader in providing information, analytical and marketing services to organisations and consumers to help manage the risk and reward of commercial and financial decisions. Experian operates one of the most advanced and comprehensive databases of business information in the UK, offering a range of extraordinary products and services to meet your needs.

International IT credit forum 6



IT Europa

IT Europa is the leading provider of strategic business intelligence, news and analysis on the European IT marketplace and the primary channels that serve it.





Marsh is a global leader in insurance broking and risk management. We help clients quantify and manage risk – and help them unlock new opportunities for growth.

and best-in-class international collection services.

Whether it’s worldwide collections, or in-house processes, MoretonSmith has the talent, technology, experience and expertise to help.

International IT credit forum 7




MoretonSmith are receivables management specialists, providing a holistic approach to high-performance accounts receivable. For 20 years, MoretonSmith have been dedicated to helping our clients collect more of what they are owed, more efficiently. They have consistently achieved this, via a combination of cutting-edge collections technology and best-in-class international collection services. Whether it’s worldwide collections, or in-house processes, MoretonSmith has the talent, technology, experience and expertise to help.

International IT credit forum 8





Netsend has a long history in providing electronic document distribution and the automation of manual processes. Starting life in 1994 as a fax broadcast service, Netsend embraced the opportunities provided by the Internet to pioneer new technologies and distribution channels.

Netsend is now trusted by thousands of businesses globally, operating in over 52 countries, in multiple languages.

More than just secure and streamlined document distribution, Netsend has evolved to provide a range of highly valued tools and services. Businesses rely on the Netsend portal to provide audit-trail, performance analytics and direct management of invoicing exceptions.

In a fast-evolving and competitive market, we help our clients stay one step ahead.

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